Friday, May 27th, 2016

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Danica McKellar Interview - Home & Family

Danica McKellar Interview

The actress returns to Home & Family to talk about her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Wedding Bells,” which premieres Friday, June 3rd at 9/8c. In the movie, she plays the maid of honor in a wedding who grows close to the best man. Danica jokes that her character is a junk food addict, but in real life she is heavy into clean eating. Aside from acting, Danica is also an author, most recently releasing her fourth book titled, “Math Doesn’t Suck,” which includes a collection of palindrome puzzles and shows Mark and Cristina an example of one.

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Grilled Orange Ginger Chicken - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks

Cristina is back in the kitchen preparing a lovely and light meal of grilled orange ginger chicken. Before grilling, she recommends marinating the chicken for eight hours to help tenderize it. When grilling the chicken, she advises you to not place the breasts too close together because it will create steam. She also explains that this dish contains no white sugar and the sweetness comes from the white wine vinegar. Finally, she says if you are not a fan of the chicken, you can use the marinade on tofu or shrimp, as well.

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DIY Finalist: Marcy Mussari - Home & Family

Laundry Rack Makeover

Dream Jobbing finalist Marcy Mussari from Ontario, Canada is showing you how to give your laundry rack a makeover. Marcy just graduated with a degree in interior design and she hopes to find a career that will help her share her creativity with others. Today’s DIY is turning a regular laundry rack and making it a bar cart. She points out that she saved money finding her laundry rack at a thrift store, saving money.

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Nyle DiMarco Interview

This season’s winner of “Dancing with the Stars,” Nyle DiMarco sits down with Mark and Cristina to discuss his recent big win! Kyle explains that this win was extra-important because it was about redemption and teaching others that deaf people are just as capable as anyone else. He remembers that there was a communication barrier at first with his dancer partner Peta, but the two learned to use hand signals to communicate. Today, Nyle focuses a lot of his efforts on his Nyles DiMarco Foundation, which hopes to pass a bilingual bill that will help deaf children get prepared for school academically, emotionally and socially.

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Enchanting Beauty Products

Kym Douglas is back and introducing you to a whole new list of enchanting products to help you rest and relax. This includes a cooling eye mask, cleansing sponge and vitamin E oils.

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Alexa PenaVega Interview - Home & Family

Alexa PenaVega Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Ms. Matched,” which premieres Saturday, June 4th at 9/8c. In the film, she plays a high strung wedding planner. Alexa also talks about her real life marriage to her husband Carlos. The couple just celebrated two years of marriage. When the two got married, they decided to combine their last names, PenaVega. She says her love life is nothing like her character’s in the movie, because the two are always having fun and seeking adventure.

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DIY Finalist: Erin Shannon - Home & Family

Blooming Book Ends

Dream Jobbing finalist Erin Shannon is visiting Home & Family and showing you how to make blooming book ends using used k-cups, old boots and shoes. She admits she is passionate about recycling and repurposing, which is what inspired this DIY. Erin has always loved crafting and finds ways to reuse just about everything. She calls her DIY projects snappy because she wants them to take no more than ten minutes to complete. Her DIY book ends will cost you as little a $10.

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Ed Hiner Interview

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Ed Hiner is joined by his wife Wendy, to discuss his new book, “How to Lead Like a Navy Seal.” Ed has been deployed nine times on five different continents as a Navy SEAL officer. The two reveal that they would have discussions about how to put things in place if Ed was ever captured while serving. Wendy and Ed have defied the odds, considering 98% of SEAL marriages end in divorce. Their book is about humility, honest and giving your all when it comes to building a strong marriage.

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Baby Shower

Cristina is showing you how to throw together the perfect baby shower, including appetizers and decorations. The entire party is gender neutral, containing hints of pink and hints of blue and the cake is all white. Today, the baby shower is all about the new moms-to-be, family member Kristin Smith and show producer, Taline Kevoian.