DIY Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

Orly Shani is taking an ordinary table cloth and turning it into a beautiful tree skirt that is perfect for the holidays.


  • Repurpose Round Tree Skirt of Round tablecloth 
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • yarn (Thick wool)
  • hot glue & gun
DIY Tree Knit Skirt - Home & Family


1) Depending on the size of your tree skirt cut 3 stripes of yarn

2) Hold 3 strips of yarn and tie a knot at one end

3) Start braiding yarn and leave enough room for another knot at the bottom

4) Start pulling apart yarn to make it fluffy

5) Use an old tree skirt as a template or use round tablecloth

6) Hot glue the braids onto the skirt-step and repeat

7) Make sure to space out the braids

8) To fill in open gaps on the tree skirt cut a braid to size and glue

9) Once you have filled tree skirt place underneath tree

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