Paige Hemmis takes cat naps to the next level with an adorable DIY kitty hammock.

Materials for Portable Kitty Hammock:

  • Velcro roll
  • Soft fabric
  • Rubber bumpers (for soft close cabinets
  • Super glue
  • Fabric-Tac

Materials for Side Table Kitty Hammock

  • Grommet kit
  • Soft fabric
  • Super glue
  • Fabric-Tac
  • Screws
  • Screw gun
  • Side table or end table

Steps for Portable Kitty Hammock:

1. Fold your fabric over and cut a square to exactly 2” larger than you want your hammock to be.

2. Lay your fabric down, front side facing down and unfold the fabric.

3. On one half of your fabric, lay strips of the Velcro (sandwiched together) on the fabric in an “X”, leave about 6” excess running off all four corners.

4. Glue them into place using super glue or Fabri-Tac.

5. Fold the fabric over onto itself and cover the “X”.

6. Take each side of the fabric and fold it over an inch all the way around. Secure with Fabri-Tac. Allow 24 hours for drying time.

*To let the hammock, hang freely on any chair without a footrest, super glue the rubber bumpers if the edges of the strap that will hit the leg of the chair. *

7. Allow 24 hours drying time.

8. Attach the other part of the Velcro so that you can secure each side to all four legs.

9. Put it in place and allow your kitty to relax in their new hammock!

Steps for Side Table Kitty Hammock:

1. Lay out a kitty bed or soft fabric.

*You can use a pre-existing bed or make the hammock without the velcro! *

2. Add a grommet to the four corners of the fabric. Use the directions that come from the manufacturer in the grommet kit that you buy.

3. Flip your side table upside down.

4. Screw in four screws on the bottom of each leg of the table.

*Depending on the wood on the legs of your table, you might need to pre-drill so that they don’t split. *

5. Use those screws to hang the grommets on.

*If you have multiple cats make a double-decker by taking some Velcro and attaching a second kitty bed underneath the hammock. You would only need to do this if you have more than one kitty. *

6. Let the kitty enjoy the bed and keep all their toys in the drawer below!

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