Maria Provenzano is getting ready for the holiday parties with this festive DIY.

Materials for Drum Napkin Rings

  • Round gold napkin rings
  • Glitter scrapbook paper
  • Hot glue
  • Chord

Materials for Present Napkin Rings

  • Square Napkin rings
  • Spray paint
  • Thin ribbon
DIY Holiday Napkin Rings - Home & Family

Directions For the Drum Napkin Rings

1. Take your 2 gold round napkins rings & hot glue them together
2. Once dry, Take your glitter scrapbook paper & wrap it around the napkin ring & glue to secure
3. Take your thin cord & cut it into little pieces of the height of your napkin ring .
4. Glue down cord pieces on angles throughout the outside of the drum & other embellishments

Directions For the Present Napkin Rings

1. Hot glue your 2 square napkin rings together
2. Spray paint with your choice of color
3. Once dry take your thin ribbon & thread it over the top & bottom of your ring.
Then, for the horizontal part of the ribbon, just covered it over the crack where you originally glued the 2 napkin rings together & secure on with glue.

Directions For Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

1. Start with your napkin completely open
2. Fold in half & fold in half again
3. Place it in a diamond shape
4. Take just the top layer corner & fold up to the top corner but not completely touching it yet (almost to the point where you just have a border)
5. Do the same for the second layer & repeat for all other layers
6. Once that’s done, flip the napkin over & take bottom left corner & swing it over to where the fold at the top is in a straight line. Do the same for the bottom right corner
7. Flip over & fold up the little corners so they are facing up. After the top one is folded tuck the corners below in
8. Paper clip the back corner to give it a nice hold
9. Glue an ornament to a popsicle stick & once dry stick it in the top!

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