Ken Wingard is celebrating Hallmark Channel's Original Movie, "Valentine in the Vineyard" with this DIY.


  • Wooden Heart Shaped Sign (with at least ¾ inch thickness)
  • 1 x 4 Wooden Plank
  • Jig Saw
  • Drill with Forstner Bit
  • Wood Glue
  • (8) 1 ⅝ Drywall screws
  • Pencil
DIY Heart Wine Rack - Home & Family


Cut 3 pieces of wood from your 1x4 inch board:
1. Cut one to 10 inches in length
2. Cut another to 4 inches in length
3. Cut your last to 8 inches

Creating the Wine Bottle Shelf:
1. Stand the 10 in board on top of the 4 inch board creating an uppercase “L” shape. Attach them together using wood glue and drywall screws.
2. Hold the wine bottle in place onto the “L” shaped shelf, with the bottle neck facing the 4 inch side. Use a pencil to mark where the bottle hits the 4 inch board. Use a drill with a 1 ½ inch forstner bit to drill a hole through the mark you made. This should be roughly in the center of the board.

Creating the Wine Glass Shelf:
1. Take the 8 inch board and mark with a pencil a line at 2 inches and 6 inches of the length.
2. Hold the bottom of the wine glass against the 8 inch board to determine how deep you’d like it to sit on the wood. Ours was at least 1 ½ inch deep. Using a ⅝ inch forstner bit, drill a hole where you would like the wine glasses to sit. Use a jigsaw to extend the hole to the end of the board.

Attaching Shelves:
1. Place the wood on your heart, wherever you would like it to go. Make sure the wine glass shelf is below the wine bottle shelf so that the wine glasses can hang.
2. Outline the shelves in pencil. Inside of the outline, mark X’s where you are going to screw the pieces on.
3. Pre-drill a hole through the X’s all the way through the board.
4. Using wood glue and the drywall screws, attach your shelves onto the board. Screw in through the back.

To Hang
1. Attach two sawtooth hangers on the back of the heart sign. These will usually hold a good amount of weight, so two of them should hold the weight of your wine bottle.

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