DIY Heart-Shaped Tote Bag

Orly Shani is showing you how to wear your heart on your tote bag with this fashionable DIY.


  • Clothespins (Or Pins)
  • Fabric Spray Adhesive (Optional)
  • Sewing Machine (Or Needle And Thread)
  • White Thread
  • Fabric Scissors And/Or Rotary Blade
  • 2 X Heart Cutouts For Faux Leather Shell (Or Other Low-no Fray Fabrics)
  • 2 X Heart Cutouts For Felt Lining, Same Size As Shell (Or Other Similar Weighted Fabric)
  • 2 X Straps (Same As Shell and Liner Material, Or Other Material Of Choice)
DIY Heart-Shaped Tote Bags - Home & Family


1. Cut out two hearts in faux leather and two in felt lining fabric.
NOTE: Hearts should be the same size.
NOTE: For other fabrics, shell and lining should be similar in weight.
2. Sandwich and pin together shell to lining using clothespins. You will have two separate hearts.
3. OPTIONAL: Spray adhesive onto the back of felt lining material and lay on to back side of faux leather.
NOTE: If using lighter fabric material, you may lay face to face so you can flip inside out once sewn. (when you flip it inside out, the side of the fabric you desire on the exterior of bag, will be facing outside).
4. Cut straps out of faux leather and felt using fabric scissors or rotary blade.
5. Using sewing machine, sew two seams down the sides using white thread in a zigzag decorative pattern.
NOTE: Leave enough allowance to rotary trim any unaligned edges.
6. Take strap material and sandwich it in between the two layers about a half inch down in the center of each top heart round. Pin with clothespin.
7. Lay two halves of bag together. Pin all four layers together with clothespins.
8. Using sewing machine, sew decorative stitch around the edge of each heart panel, bonding both linings to the shell and each other and and securing the straps in place. The seam should start from three inches on the outside of each handle to give enough room for opening, but continue the decorative stitch on each side of the top of the bag for continuity.
NOTE: If flipping inside out, sew each heart first, then combine together. straps must be facing inside (so when you flip it inside out they will be on the outside). Leave a small opening on the straight side so you can flip it. Then, using sewing machine, sew them together using a zigzag stitch on the outside, leaving space at the top for opening while continuing the stitch on each side of the top of the bag for continuity.
Clean up any misaligned edges with rotary cutter and/or a good pair of fabric scissors.

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