Paige Hemmis is updating ordinary wooden bowls with decorative beads and rope.


  • Wooden bowls (set of 3 nesting bowls)
  • ¼-inch polyester rope
  • Decorative Beads
  • Hot Glue
  • Metal Hook
DIY Hanging Fruit Bowls - Home & Family


1. Drill 3 holes in the large, medium and small wooden bowls.
2. Tie 3 knots on the bottom of the ¼-inch polyester rope.
3. Thread the rope through the large bowl.
4. Tie the second set of 3 knots to desired length on the rope.
5. Note: Paige spaced her bowls 10.5” apart from each other.
6. Thread the rope through the second medium bowl.
7. Tie the third set of 3 knots near the top on the remaining rope. Add third bowl.
8. Note: Add decorative beads in between bowls, if desired. Use hot glue to keep beads in specific place on the rope. Otherwise, let the beads fall down to the knot.
9. Tie 3 rope strands together at the top.
10. Note: You can add one final bead here.
11. Hot glue the ends of the rope together to ensure security.
12. Hang utilizing a stud in your kitchen and use a metal hook to hang your DIY fruit basket.

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