Cameron Mathison creates the perfect at home gym in a box.


  • Pre-existing storage bench
  • Velcro strips
  • Yoga Mat
  • Plywood
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint that matches your bench


1. Measure the depth of the interior of your storage bench, then measure your longest piece of work out equipment, this dictates the dimensions of your center divider.

2. Cut down one piece of plywood to these dimensions.

3. Cut down another two pieces of plywood to the dimensions of the height and depth of your storage bench.

4. Next, attach the center divider to the smaller pieces of plywood perpendicularly with wood screws by screwing from the outside into the edge of the center divider.
*This should form a wide “H” shape. *

5. Once you have your “H” shape, paint the structure to the desired color.

6. While that dries, take your yoga mat and cut it to the length of the opening of your bench.

7. Cut a length of your Velcro strips to the length of your mat. Peel the backing from one side of the Velcro strips and stick along the top edge of your yoga mat.

8. Open your storage bench, peel the backing from the Velcro strip on top and stick it to the underneath of the lid, parallel to the front edge but inset enough for the bench to close when it’s rolled up underneath.

*The goal of this is for your yoga mat to flip up onto the top of your bench, and roll underneath into for convenient storage. *

9. Once your “H” shaped divider is dry, drop it into your bench.

10. Place in workout equipment and enjoy!

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