A fun DIY from Ken Wingard.


  • 5 Yards of fabric
  • 2 Yeards of trim
  • 2 Tassles
  • 2 Curtain rods
  • Brackets


1) Cut the short edge of the fabric into scalloped pattern

2) Glue trim around scalloped edge

3) Measure desired amount of overhang

4) Fold fabric back on itself and sew a line to crate a pocket

5) Mount one set of brackets on the ceiling, 3 feet out from the wall (slightly wider than the width of the fabrick)

6) Mount second set on ceiling at wall

7) Put curtain rod through pocket and hang from first of brackets

8) Put curtain rod through pocket and hang first set of brackets

9) Run fabric over brackets and let hang down against the wall

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