DIY Garden Parasol Sculptures

Shirley Bovshow has a DIY perfect for fall weather.


  • Sun parasol made from vinyl or bamboo
  • 3/4" copper pipe 6-7'-feet long
  • Copper fitting: 3/4"-inch coupling one side with 1/2"-inch threaded male end on other
  • Brass or copper fitting: 1/2"inch brass moody tee
  • Metal fence post stake for anchoring copper post
  • Faux leaves and outdoor craft glue
  • Battery LED craft lights
  • Plant
  • Birdfood
  • Metal hangers


1) The first step is to join your fittings to the copper pipe and secure the pipe into the ground."

2) Take 3/4"-inch coupling/1/2"-inch threaded adapter and screw into the 1/2"-inch brass Moody tee and insert into top of copper pipe

3) Remove metal stake from fence post and pound into ground with mallet

4) Insert the copper pipe into the anchor sleeve

5) Cut the parasol bamboo pole to about 12"inches or leave as is if you want to use as parasol in future

6) Thread through the brass tee until parasol is flush with the fitting and is tight so it won't fall off

7) Hang a plant hook from one end of tee and hang the plant

8) Place second plant hook on other end of tee and hang the bird food.

9) Place the battery control inside the umbrella housing and string the LED lights around the umbrella and secure with duct tape to wood slats.

Garden Parasol Sculptures - Home & Family

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