Kellie Martin Interview - Home & Family

Kellie Martin Interview

Kellie Martin sits down with Cristina and guest host, Matt Iseman to chat about her new Hallmark Movies & Mystery movie, “Hello, It’s Me.” The movie has a supernatural twist and Kellie admits in real life she has a fascination with cemeteries. Aside from talking about the movie, Kellie has a big announcement for the audience: She’s five months pregnant with a baby girl. She’s joined in the interview by her eight-year-old daughter, Maggie to help display Kellie’s eco-friendly toys from her online shop, “Romp Store”!
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Chef Brad Miller Cooks! - Home & Family

Chef Brad Miller Cooks

Brad Miller joins Cristina in the kitchen to prepare Prosciutto & Corn Griddle Cakes with Maple Butter. He explains his love for cooking came from having a father who was a butcher, like Cristina’s father. From there, Brad went to culinary school and studied the craft. Everybody loves the dish because it is both sweet and savory.

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Ask Matt Iseman

Guest host Matt Iseman answers your questions from Facebook! He even gives cooking tips and talks video games.

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Fashion Hacks

Cristina is giving you fashion hacks that will make your life easier. Putting jeans in the freezer will help remove a stain after it has been treated with a spot removal stick. Using a straw will help keep your sweatshirt string in place when washing it. Finally moleskin will help with a runaway underwire in a bra.

Joel Rush Interview

The actor joins Matt and Cristina to talk about his show on OWN, “Tyler Perry's If Loving You is Wrong.” Joel was discovered by Tyler Perry after appearing in a Direct TV commercial. Joel’s character is unlikable and he says sometimes fans get confused between Joel and “Eddie.” Aside from acting, Joel also has a company working 3D Print Life, which has created the first eco-friendly printer filament.
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Science Experiments with Kids - Home & Family

Science Experiments with Kids

Jeffrey Vinokur is the self-described dancing scientist and he shows Matt and Cristina some fun experiments you can do at home with your kids. He shows you how to make invisible ink to make secret messages. He also shows you how to make a cool laser painting that kids will love! Finally, he reveals how you can create a moving head illusion by just moving your body.

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Garden Parasol Sculptures - Home & Family

DIY Garden Parasol Sculptures

Shirley Bovshow is outside showing you how to make parasol sculptures, which are perfect of the fall weather. She also points out to make sure the parasols are vinyl. In the end, the foliage from the plant the parasol is hanging on will provide cover for the birds while they are eating.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals from Hollywood Steals!

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New Strep Throat Guidelines - Home & Family

New Strep Throat Guidelines

Dr. JJ is back and she is talking about strep throat. She says the good news is that if kids are treated for strep throat, they can return to school in as little as 12 hours. She points out that strep throat symptoms are swollen glands, sore throat, belly ache, headache and red rash. You can detect strep throat with a swab test from your doctor.

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