Paige Hemmis is giving you a fun costume idea for Halloween.


  • plastic planter pot
  • artificial flowers
  • moss/greenery
  • utility knife
  • wire cutters
  • duct tape
  • ribbon
  • fabric scissors
  • glue gun and glue
DIY Flower Pot Costume - Home & Family


1. Flip the planter upside down and remove the bottom basin.

2. Cut out base with utility knife and set aside

3. Glue flowers to planter and secure with duct tape. TIP: Use wired artificial flowers which
bend as needed and won’t obstruct your view.

4. Attach a wide colorful ribbon with the same glue and then tape method. You could pre-
measure what length you’d like the straps to be, or tie a knot at the shoulder to make it

5. Add moss or other greenery as desired.

6. Step in and have fun!

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