Orly Shani has a wedding DIY that is perfect for the outdoors.


  • Parasol
  • Non-stretch fabric (Chinese silk)
  • fabric glue OR needle & thread
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
DIY Floral Parasols - Home & Family


-Open your parasol.

-Take a piece of paper and trace out one of the triangle sections of your umbrella, about 10" long

It should look like a piece of pizza.

-Cut it out.

-Fold the paper in half and round out the bottom (the larger part of the pizza slice) so the curve is even.

This will give you a pattern piece for your larger petals.

-Do the same thing on a smaller scale, about 5" long.

This will be your smaller petals

-Instead of cutting individual petals, you will fold your fabric in half, cut on the fold and end up with a mirror image of the petal. One long piece, that you snip a hole in the middle, slide over the knob on the top of the umbrella and it gives you two petals. .

-Lay the petal onto the umbrella and pin at the top and bottom.

-Use either fabric glue or a needle and thread to tack the petal into place.

-Do all the large petals first.

-Next lay the smaller petals on top of the large.

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