Tuesday, August 28th (Previously Aired On June 26th, 2018)

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DIY Hanging Dessert Table - Home & Family

DIY Hanging Dessert Table

Maria Provenzano has a DIY to help display your desserts at your wedding. To make the table more appealing, choose desserts that have a variety of color and textures. She encourages you to work with your florist for the wedding to help establish your main color tones.

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Vanilla Cupcake Berry Trifle - Home & Family

Vanilla Cupcake Berry Trifle

Founder and pastry chef from “Sprinkles,” Candace Nelson is in the kitchen baking her famous vanilla cupcake berry trifle. As she is whipping up the dessert, she talks about her growing business and shares photos from her very first Sprinkles location. She found her calling when she enrolled in pastry school and from there, she set out to be the queen of cupcakes. While baking, make sure you have the same amount of cupcake batter in each cup.

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Independence Day for Dogs

Pet rescue expert Larissa Wohl is telling you about the Best Friends Animal Society’s “Pay it Forward” campaign that goes through July 4th. For $25, you help a person adopt a dog for free, in hopes of that person paying it forword to the next person rescuing a pet. She also explains that Fourth of July weekend is a great time to foster a pet, since the shelters tend to get filled up quickly due to cats and dogs that run away due to firework noises.

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Wedding Detox

Founder of 8Greens, Dawn Russell joins Debbie and guest host Colin Ferguson to talk about the wedding detox for brides about to tie the knot. This includes using Japanese Detoxing Foot Pads that you can find on Amazon and dry brushing your skin to help exfoliate. Finally, using an entire bag of of epsom salt in a bath tub to detox your body inside out.

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Tempura Wasabi Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagels - Home & Family

Tempura Wasabi Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagels

Chef Adam Gertler is in the kitchen making tempura wasabi cream cheese stuffed bagels. Before getting started, he explains how he first learned how to throw these ingredients together while participating in cooking competition shows. When done, Maria says the bagels actually taste like a spicy lox sushi roll. You can watch Adam on “Food Network Star,” every Sunday at 9/8c on Food Network.

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Lamon Archey and Mercedes Cornett

Actor Lamon Archey is joined by his model/actress wife Mercedes Cornett to discuss life on the soap opera “Days of our Lives.” The couple also discuss their nine-year engagement and being together for 12 years. The actor also gives fans some fun little tidbits about his character, FBI agent Eli. He also brings a clip from the soap for the audience to enjoy.

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DIY Floral Parasols - Home & Family

DIY Floral Parasols

Orly Shani is outside making parasols out of non-stretch fabric. She explains that this DIY is perfect for outdoor weddings, to protect you from the sun. When it comes to selecting the material, she recommends a Chinese silk.

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Todd Fisher

Author Todd Fisher opens up about his new book, “My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie.” In the book, Todd discusses his relationship with his late sister, actress Carrie Fisher and his late mother, the iconic Debbie Reynolds.

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Holiday Roast Beef - Home & Family

Holiday Roast Beef with Root Vegetables

Debbie is in the kitchen making a mouth-watering holiday roast beef and pairing it with delicious root vegetables. This recipe was inspired by Hallmark Publishing’s paperback, “A Christmas to Remember,” which you can currently download on Amazon.

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Summer Craft Tool Review

Ken Wingard is giving you his final reviews for some handy summer craft tools including a Scotch Thermal Laminator, Mod Podge Professional Tool Set and Dremel Moto-Saw.

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