Orly Shani is creating adorable DIY floral dog leashes.


  • Silk Rope or Flat Leash/Collar
  • Artificial Flowers and Greenery
  • Scissors
  • Non-Toxic Hot Glue
DIY Floral Dog Leashes – Home & Family

1. Silk Rope: Tie one end of the rope loosely around in a loop, large enough to fit easily over your dog’s head, but with enough rope to create a leash. If your dog is not leash trained, we recommend using a regular collar and leash.
2. Cut the backs of your artificial flowers and greenery. You want to cut enough of the stem off that the flower can sit mostly flat, but not enough that it starts to fall apart.
3. Start to lay out your design. (You can create a design with entirely flowers but I like the balance of both the flowers and greenery.) I like to start with one large flower that I really like and glue that on.
4. Next, start gluing greenery and smaller flowers around the first, larger flower. Glue enough of the flowers and greenery down to try to keep as secure as possible.
5. Once everything is completely dry, put on your pup! Do not leave them unattended while wearing this, as they could start to chew on the flowers. This is probably better suited for special occasions.

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