Tanya Memme shows you how to make your own trendy jewelry!


  • Feathers (two alike if making earrings) $3 a pack
  • Liquid gold paint $7
  • Soft paint brush $3
  • Crimping beads $3
  • Crimping pliers $12
  • Eye pins $4
  • Beads of your choice $1-5
  • Chain $4
  • Jump rings $2
  • Lobster clasps $2
  • Charms optional
  • If making earrings: Earring hooks


Step one:

If making earrings pick out two feathers that have the same look and shape. If making a necklace then choose one feather you like. 

Step Two:

Lightly paint the feather however you like with liquid leaf gold. You can also use silver or bronze.  Barely brush the feather if you want a delicate look.


Step Three:

Trim the sides of the quill so only the quill tip is exposed. This will be the section of the quill that will have the crimping bead and decorative bead threaded on it.  


First, thread on the crimping bead.  Second, thread on the decorative bead.  Third, take the eye pin and thread it through both beads so it sticks out of the crimping bead.


Step Four:

With your crimping pliers, crimp the bead so it tightly secures the feathers and the eye pin as well as holds the decorative bead in place. 


Step 5:

Your feather charm is finished!  With jump rings and lobster clasps you can add them to a chain and make a necklace or you can add them to earring hooks as seen below.

Do It Yourself Feathered Jewelry - Home & Family

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