Jocko Sims Interview - Home & Family

Jocko Sims Interview

Actor Jocko Smith visits to talk about the new season of his show on TNT, “The Last Ship” which premieres on June 21st, 9/8c. Jocko reveals that his character will have a new love interest this season and brings a preview for Mark and Cristina to watch. Jocko reveals they film the show on a real life destroyer that is stationed in San Diego and they use up to 200 real life sailors for extras in the show. The Pentagon has been a huge supporter of the show and even have a poster of “The Last Ship” in their building!

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Cauliflower Alfredo with Butter-Free Garlic Bread - Home & Family

Cauliflower Alfredo with Butter-Free Garlic Bread

The host of the Cooking Channel’s “Junk Food Flip,” Nikki Dinki is in the Home & Family kitchen making Cauliflower Alfredo and Butter-Free Garlic Bread. Her goal is to take guilty pleasure foods and turn them into healthy dishes. Nikki says when it comes to the show, her biggest challenge was taking on a Southern BBQ joint, where she just cut down the meat and added more vegetables to each dish.

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Beach and Pool Hacks - Home & Family

Beach and Pool Hacks

Kym Douglas shows you some great beach and pool hacks for the summertime. She advises turning an old fitted sheet into a sand-free beach blanket. She also shows you how easy it is to create a floating ice chest using a pool noodle, string and a plastic bin.

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Jazmyn Simon Interview

Actress Jazmyn Simon sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her new HBO show, “Ballers” and she even brings a clip for Home & Family to preview. The new drama premieres on HBO, June 21st, 10/9c. The show also stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jazmyn says he is the biggest gentleman and an all-around sincere, great guy. The actress also spends a lot of her time with her three-pound poodle, Alabama Ginger Snap who she introduces to Mark and Cristina!

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What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

Matt Rogers talks about upcoming Father’s Day and what kind of gifts kids should be looking out for. He shows Mark and Cristina a book that highlights the last 50 years of the Superbowl, hair care products and a personal lounger.

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Sphinx Personal Lounger, $49.95:

'Superbowl 50' Hardcover, $49.95:
Car Play Mat T-Shirt, $22.00 :

'His Fix' Hair Products, $9.79-$19.00:

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Girls in the Garage - Home & Family

Girls in the Garage

Kevin Hurley, the owner of “Girls in the Garage” talks about his business that teaches women how to care for their cars. Kevin gives Kym, Tanya, Cristina and Debbie a lesson about checking under the hood, oil changes, anti-freeze levels and tire pressure. Kevin emphasizes that simple car maintenance can add years to the life of your vehicle.

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Do It Yourself Feathered Jewelry - Home & Family

DIY Feather Jewelry

Tanya Memme talks about how the feathered look is so trendy right now, so she shows you how to create your own feathered jewelry. When it comes to tools and materials, the entire DIY will cost you $30-$35. She makes both earrings and necklaces and shows Cristina and Jazmyn just how easy it is!

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One Dress, Three Ways

Debbie Matenopoulos shows you how you can take one dress and wear it in three different ways. By adding a belt to a dress, you can made it more casual, or you can take a dress and turn it into a blouse, as well by tucking it into jeans!
Dress provided by Donna Morgan.

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The New Single

Author Tamsen Fadal opens up about her new book, “The New Single,” which is about not being defined by your relationship status. Tamsen wrote the book after her own divorce and was inspired by the journey of finding herself, again.

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