Paige Hemmis shows you how to build an easy and customizable DIY faux headboard that will breathe new life into your bedroom décor.


  • Peel and stick wallpaper (removable)
  • Rosettes (miterless)
  • Fluted moulding (miterless)
  • Command velcro strips
  • Large level
  • Pencil


1. Take your pencil and level to draw a square onto the wall that is the desired size of your headboard.
*Hardware store can cut your moulding to size if you have the dimensions. *

2. Line up the edge of your first piece of wallpaper to the inside of your square. Begin to apply your wallpaper, making sure your pattern lines up as you apply more strips.
*Be sure to pull up and re-adhere to smooth any wrinkles as you apply. *

3. Apply the command velcro strips to the back of your moulding and rosettes.

4. Adhere one piece of moulding to the wall along a vertical edge of your wallpaper, using your level to make sure it’s straight.

5. Attach your rosette to the wall at the top of that moulding.

6. Butt your top piece of moulding against the side of that rosette, double check that it’s level and stick on across the top of your wallpaper.

7. Butt another rosette up against the end of that moulding and adhere to wall.

8. Using your level to ensure it is square, adhere your final piece of moulding to the other side to finish your faux headboard.

9. Once everything is adhered, erase any pencil marks and enjoy!

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