A fun home decoration DIY from Paige Hemmis.


  • Chair
  • Ottoman (or anything you would like to recover)
  • Faux fur fabric – 2 yards
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Staple gun with staples
  • Scissors

DIY Faux Fur Chair and Ottoman - Home & Family


1. Clean your surface that you plan to cover. Spot clean it, use a cleaner, or just use a lint brush to roll off any dirt, dust and pet hair. (NOTE: If your fabric is dark and your new faux fur fabric is transparent at all, you may want to add a coat of spray paint to your chair before applying the fur.)

2. Take your fabric and lay it out over the pieces that need to be covered.

3. If you have chair/ottoman legs that come off, unscrew these now and set them aside. If they don’t come problem! You can work around them.

4. Start on the seat of your chair and align your fabric so that it is centered in the middle of the seat.

5. Take your glue gun and place glue the seat of the chair. Quickly lay down the fabric. (You will want to do this before the glue has a chance to cool down and potentially dry.)

6. Continue doing this to all surfaces of the seat that need to be covered.

7. Fold any fur overage over itself, sort of like you would do when you are wrapping a present with wrapping paper.

8. Secure the fabric UNDER the seat of the chair with the staple gun. Search for a wooden part under the chair (usually along the edges) that will hold a staple in place. If there is no good place to secure any staples, simply glue will work but it’s better if you can put a few staples in to hold it into place.

9. Continue this method on the seat-back of the chair. You will want seams to go UNDER the chair, so make sure that you glue all sides down and you save the stapling for a part that no one can see!

10. If you took off the legs, feel where the hole is to screw them back in and make a small hole with the edge of your scissors. Then push the screw through the hole in the fabric and screw them into place.

11. If the legs of your chair do not come off, cut the fabric out around them and cut off any excess. Glue the extra pieces on the underneath of the chair.

12. Cut off any excess fabric and glue any remaining pieces to the chair underneath.

13. Do this same process for the ottoman.

14. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Faux Fur Furniture!

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