Kristina Wagner Interview - Home & Family

Kristina Wagner Interview

The “When Calls the Heart” actress talks to Mark and Cristina about what fans can expect on this upcoming Sunday’s episode of the show. She even brings a sneak peek for the “Hearties” in the Home & Family audience to enjoy. Kristina also opens up about life after her 2006 divorce and can honestly say that she has found a man today who has “left an imprint on her heart.” She credits therapy to helping her move on and Mark can relate to Kristina on that level. The actress also went back to college to finish her bachelor’s degree and is so grateful for completing with a major in History.

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Heartie Party Cake Pops - Home & Family

Heartie Party #2

Cristina and Kristina are showing you how to get ready for your “When Calls the Heart” viewing party by cooking up Cake Pops. When it comes to sealing the edges of the pops, she recommends using egg wash. When crimping the pop, dip your fork in flour first so it doesn’t stick to the dough. Kristina also points out that this would be a perfect recipe to do with children, as well. After 10-14 minutes of baking, you will have the perfect Heartie Party cake pop. While eating the cake pops, Kristina takes the time to answer some fan questions from the audience.

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DIY Easter Egg Topiaries - Home & Family - Video

DIY Easter Egg Topiaries

Ken Wingard is back with a fun DIY just in time for Easter! Today he is demonstrating how to create Egg Topiaries, using real flowers and moss, but he says you can also use silk flowers. Ken loves the look of speckled eggs, so he bought plastic ones and speckled them himself. He also says you can use real eggs, as well. If you were to buy this product in a retail store it can cost up to $50, but using Ken’s directions, you will only spend $20!

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Don Hany Interview

Don sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his new NBC drama, “Heartbeat” which has its season premiere March 23rd at 8/7c. He explains that the series is based on the real life of Dr. Kathy Magliato, as described in her book, “Heart Matters.” Don plays the character of Dr. Jesse Shane who is a thrill seeking doctor. This role is perfect for Don because he always had a dream of becoming a doctor when he was growing up. The actor is surprised during the interview when his identical brother Roger Skypes in from London to say hi!

Spring Shoe Fashion

Debbie Matenopoulos is here to talk about the hottest shoe looks for the spring season. She points out that the latest trends include the high heeled gladiator sandal, floral heels and finally, the stacked heel. Debbie says the stacked heel is another word for clogs and are definitely the most comfortable of all the shoes featured.

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DIY Faux Fur Chair and Ottoman - Home & Family

DIY Faux Fur Chair & Ottoman

Paige Hemmis has the perfect DIY for those looking at wanting to make a piece of furniture pop in their house. She assures viewers at home that this a very easy DIY as long as you have your glue gun and a really good pair of scissors. If you don’t have a chair or ottoman that needs to be remodeled, check out your local flea market or yard sale to find one. After Paige is wrapped up with her DIY, she is surprised with a birthday cake by Home & Family!

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Sweet Cheese Blintzes - Home & Family

Dean Sheremet Cooks!

The author of “Eat Your Heart Out,” chef Dean Sheremet is in the kitchen whipping up a healthier version of Sweet Cheese Blintzes with Blackberry Jam by making it gluten-free. Cristina points out that Dean’s book is so great because it is filled with photos, making it easier to follow the instructions. When actually making the blintz, he recommends using a non-stick pan and to not overfill the batter.

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Manly Spring Car Cleaning

Matt Rogers is getting ready for spring by showing you how to clean your car without using chemicals. Taking a small mason jar, baking soda, essential oil and burlap, he shows you how to make your car smell nice and clean without any toxins. He recommends using a foam brush to clean the A/C vents in your car and olive oil serves as an alternative to polish the dashboard and other plastic surfaces.

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Top Expo Green Products

Sophie Uliano is back from the Top Green Expo to introduce you to her favorite products that she found while there. The first one is VeganEgg, which is the first completely vegan egg that is made from algae and has zero cholesterol and zero fat. The next product is a buttery spread called Melt Organic, which is made of flax seed oil and coconut oil and is also the first of its kind that also acts at a probiotic.

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Ask Shirley

Shirley Bovshow sits down to answer some viewer questions from Facebook.

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