Ken Wingard is updating the family porch with this fall look.


  • Large Accent Piece (Barrel, Rocking Chair, Old Ladder, Storage Chest, Window Frames, Picture Frames)
  • Small Decorations (Pumpkins, Gourds, Flowers, Etc.)


1. Choose a large accent piece to be your focal point. You can combine two. For example, we have a storage chest and barrel next to each other

2. Find any old furniture/items and use them in unconventional ways. For example, we took a chandelier and added mini pumpkins where the candles would be. We took a lantern with no glass and filled it with three medium sized pumpkins.

3. Dress the large piece with small decorations

4. For the old ladder, take four pieces of burlap and spell out fall on each piece. Use a safety pin to keep burlap in place. Flip it over itself to hide safety pin

5. Overlap 3 large picture frames.

6. Place an old rocking chair on front porch and dress with pillows and blankets

7. You can do one or all of these and have a beautiful front porch!

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