Ken Wingard is creating a colorful and fall-themed DIY.


  • Real Leaf
  • 2 old Paperback Books
  • Exacto Knife
  • Pencil
  • Designer masters spray paint
  • 4 ft brown butcher paper roll
  • Twine
  • Hole punch
  • Hot glue
DIY Fall Leaf Garland - Home & Family

Direction for Trunk Brown Paper:
1. Cut brown butcher paper to size
2. Roll paper, twist and crumble
3. Set aside

Direction for Paper Leaf:
1. Pick out a flat real leaf
2. Open paperback cover, place real leaf on top of paperback
3. Trace real leaf
4. Use exacto knife to cut out leaf shapes
5. Use design master spray paint in different colors
6. Spray paint small streaks of different colors on one leaf
7. Top off gold shimmer spray paint on top
8. Once all leaves are spray painted, use a hole punch on each leaf and insert twine in each hole to string along
9. Place trunk brown paper in desired location with tape
10. Apply stringed leaves onto trunk with hot glue or staple
11. Add individual leaves throughout the garland

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