DIY Edible Colored Sand with Tanya Memme

Materials needed:

  • Granulated Sugar
  • Food Coloring
  • Large Storage Baggies


  1. Pour in the sugar and food coloring into the baggie, zip it up, and shake!
  2. Fill the bag full enough to where you still have room to shake the ingredients. Use as much food coloring until you get the shade or deepness of color you like!
  3. You may need to break up pockets of food coloring to make sure there aren't concentrated amounts in any one place that would lead to dying your hands, furniture, etc.
  4. You can play with it immediately!
  5. If you keep it covered in a baggie when you aren't playing with it, your colored sand should last as long as regular sugar would.
  6. Sugar is usually about $5.00 per 10lb bag and a set of food colors is around $8.99. You can get multiple yields of colored sand for just $14.00.
  7. Use sandbox molds to make sandcastles, etc. Use edible sand on cupcakes and get creative layering your sand into beautiful bottles.

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