Erin Krakow

Actress Erin Krakow took to the stage at a young age to win her parent's attention after her baby brother was born. The Hallmark Channel Original Movie "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" star credits her mom's baking skills and reflects on childhood winters in Pennsylvania. Find out how Erin faked wintery scenes while filming this holiday movie during summertime in Vancouver. Plus, freshen up on the cliffhanger from the Hallmark Channel Original Series "When Calls the Heart" and get the inside scoop on what season two has in store for viewers.

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The Hallmark Channel Original Movie "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" airs Sunday, November 9 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.

The Hallmark Channel Original Series "When Calls the Heart" returns to Hallmark Channel in 2015.

Hot High-Tech Holiday Gifts with Chi-Lan Lieu
Lifestyle and tech expert Chi-Lan Lieu has the hottest high-tech holiday gifts your friends and family will surely have on their wish lists. Put this robot battle racing game under the tree. Capture memories with optical glass lenses that snap on to your iPhone camera. Robotically clean your grill. And, go singing in the rain with this waterproof bluetooth speaker.


Anki Drive – Robot Battle Racing Game

  • starter set with track
  • $149.99, $49.99 for additional cars

The Photojojo Cell Phone Lens Set

Grillbot - Grill Cleaning Robot

Swimmer By Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Parrot Rolling Spider App-Controlled MiniDrone

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"MasterChef Junior" Contestants Sam, Sean, & Natalie

"MasterChef Junior" contestants Sam, Sean, and Natalie reveal what it's really like getting judged by Gordon Ramsey. Find out what inspired each of these young cheftestants to learn to cook at such a young age. Together, they make a dried cornbread and sausage dressing and define the term mirepoix. Although the three get along well, each has their eye on the $100,000 prize and they tell us what they'd do with the jackpot.

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James Pickens Jr.

Actor James Pickens Jr. praises the brilliance of Shonda Rhimes. Hear why James thinks "Grey's Anatomy" continues to resonate with the audience after 11 seasons on the air. He discusses his character's story arc and flaws, such as recovering from alcoholism. Find out whether the cast has any input into the script and plot. Then, James shares his love of horses and Westerns by showing Mark Steines how to lasso. Later, he shares news about his new restaurant, Forks 'N the Road, opening soon.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Dr. JJ Levenstein's Must-Know Medical Advice for New Moms

Freshly home from the hospital, Debbie Matenopoulos Skypes in with board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP to gush over how life has changed since welcoming baby Alexandra last week. She grills the doctor for answers about recovering from a C-section, breastfeeding, soothing a crying newborn, and so many more concerns common amongst new first-time moms.

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DIY Edible Colored Sand with Tanya Memme

Taste the rainbow with Tanya Memme's fun edible colored sand. Using granulated sugar and food coloring, Tanya makes non-toxic sand to keep your little ones busy for hours. They can create sand art in a vase or fishbowl, build sand castles, or decorate cookies and cupcakes.

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World Wine Guys Mike DeSimone & Jeff Jenssen

Wine experts Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen detail how wine is rated and teach us the proper technique for tasting wines. Learn the five S's to wine tasting: sight, swirl, smell, sip, and swallow. They encourage consumers to give some love to local wineries in whatever state you live in. Find out how to pair wines with food and tips to selecting a great wine for under $15-20.

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Laura Nativo & Dr. Patrick Mahaney
Laura Nativo and holistic veterinarian Dr. Patrick Mahaney are here to shed light on Canine Cancer Awareness Month in November. They educate us on the cancer rate in dogs and ways to prevent and detect it in our four-legged friends. Laura encourages nutrition, diet, exercise, and strong relationship with vet, plus cautions about over vaccination and toxins in the environment. Dr. Mahaney details how cancer is treated in pooches and discusses survival statistics.

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The Facts About Artificial Sweeteners with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano investigates the link between artificial sweeteners and health concerns, such as its link to obesity. Find out which sugars are healthier than others and some alternatives, such as Stevia and monk fruit. Learn what triggers our brains to crave sweets and get tips on which snacks can help diabetics and non-diabetics can regulate their blood sugar.

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