DIY Easter Animal Gift Boxes


  • Free template downloads: Print the bunny on white card stock, and the chick on pale yellow
  • White wrapping paper (we used this)
  • Tissue paper: white for the bunny or yellow for the chick white pom-pom (for the bunny)
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Scissors


The Bunny:

Fill the box with goodies.
Cover it in white wrapping paper.
Cut 4″ strips of tissue paper long enough to fit around the box and fold them in half lengthwise. You’ll want enough to overlap—we cut five strips to cover the 8″ tall box above.
Cut fringe on the unfolded edge, leaving about a quarter-inch at the top. (You can fold or stack the strips to do this faster.)

5. Starting at the bottom, wrap each strip around the box and tape together at the back. For a little more staying power, you can use a bit of double stick tape on each side of the box.

6. Print, color, and cut out our free downloadable template.

7. Tape the face to the front of the box.

8. Slip the ears under the top layer of fringe and tape in place.

9. Tape the pom pom to the back of the box for a tail.

The chick:

1. Follow the directions for steps 1 through 7, above.

2. Slide the wings under a layer of fringe on each side of the box and tape in place.

3. Tape the feet to the bottom of the box.

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