Thursday, March 29th, 2018

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The Perfect Meatloaf - Home & Family

The Perfect Meatloaf

Food anchor and Washington Post editor Mary Beth Albright is in the kitchen today making the perfect mouth-watering meatloaf. Before baking the meatloaf, coat it in a flavorful glaze. When done, serve with pureed cauliflowers and honey-roasted carrots.

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DIY Chalkboard Chair Backs

Paige Hemmis is making DIY chalkboard chair backs using chairs, chalk contact paper, chalk, an x-acto knife and upholstery tacks. To erase the chalk off the chair back when done, use a damp rag.

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The Young & The Restless Cast

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of iconic daytime drama “The Young & The Restless,” the show’s famous Abbott family has a reunion on Home & Family. Jerry Douglas, Peter Bergman, Eileen Davidson, Beth Maitland and Marla Adams sit down with Mark and Debbie to talk about their most memorable storylines on the show. “The Young & Restless” first premiered as a half hour show on March 26th, 1973.

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DIY Easter Animal Gift Boxes - Home & Family

DIY Easter Animal Gift Boxes

Maria Provenzano is putting together the perfect children’s Easter gifts with the help of Hallmark Cards. This includes an Itty Bitty Snoopy Plush and “Because Jesus, For Kids” book, and she shows you how put it all together in a decorative Easter box.

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Hashbrown Crust Quiche - Home & Family

Hashbrown Crust Quiche

Celebrating Sunday’s new episode of Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “When Calls the Heart,” Debbie is in the kitchen cooking a scrumptious hashbrown crust quiche. If you don’t want to use goat cheese, you can always substitute in cream cheese. To avoid a mess, bake the quiche on a sheet pan in case any of the egg leaks out.

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T.C. Stallings

Actor T.C. Stallings sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his movie, “My Daddy is in Heaven,” which is available now on DVD, digital and On Demand. You can also get more information about the movie at

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Youthful Eyeglasses

Kym Douglas is introducing you to the right eyeglasses for you. She points out that cat eye frames give an instant facelift look and insinuates strong cheekbones while brow line frames are perfect for covering forehead wrinkles.

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Chloe Temtchine

Award winning singer and songwriter Chloe Temtchine visits Home & Family to talk about her career and what it was like to be told she may never sing, again. She also performs her song, “The Way You Love Me” for Home & Family.


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Coconut Birds Nests

Certified nutritionist Risa Groux is in the Home & Family kitchen making a sweet snack that kids will love, coconut birds nests. She is using monk fruit as a natural sweetener for this treat. She also adds dried fruit as a great way to bring color to the snacks.

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DIY Santa Letter Stocking - Home & Family

DIY Santa Letter Stocking

Orly Shani is in the Christmas Corner with a kid-friendly DIY, a Santa letter stocking. To give the letter a more vintage look, stain it with coffee. Add any holiday-themed embellishments at the bottom of the letter to make it more festive.

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