These lights are a chic and inexpensive way to add accent lighting to your home.


  • Plug-in pendant light cord with hanging kit
  • PLUMEN-001 light bulbs
  • White 1/8” rubber sheeting
  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Pendant pattern
  • Leather punch
  • Pencil
  • Cording
  • Tape
DIY Drop Pendant Lights - Home & Family


1. Print your pendant pattern in tile format. Tape together and cut it out. (Download pendant pattern here.)

2. Lay out your rubber and trace the pattern on.

3. Just on the inside of your line, cut the pattern out of the rubber. *The marks probably won’t erase, hence cutting on the inside of the line. *

4. Overlap the two flaps and mark where you want to sew the pendant shade closed.

5. Separate the flaps and use the leather punch to punch through one layer.

6. Overlap the flap with holes onto the other flap and punch through the pre-existing holes for accuracy.

7. String your cording through the holes and tie it off on the interior of the shade. Trim any excess cording.

8. Slide the pendant shade onto the socket with the “V” cut facing the back, where the knob goes, so that the stitched side of your pendant shade faces forward.

9. Hang as desired.

10. Insert your Plumen bulb, plug in and enjoy!

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