Ken Wingard is turning pre-cut wood planks into a useful place to store your wine.


  • 1x2 wood planks (length is equal to the depth of the dresser shelf)
  • 1x3 wood planks (length is equal to the length of the dresser shelf)
  • (*Multiply the previous by how many shelves you want)
  • Wooden boards cut to the size of your existing shelf
  • Drill & Screws
  • 2 - ¾ in. end trim pieces
DIY Dresser Wine Rack - Home & Family


1. Remove doors from dresser
2. Add 1x2’s to the outer sides of the cabinets above and below current shelf to create 2 additional shelves
3. Using existing shelf as a template, cut two new shelves out of the wooden boards
4. Cut 1x3’s to length of shelf, two per shelf
5. Measure and cut small scallops on the front 1x3, roughly the size of your wine bottle necks
6. Measure and cut wider scallops on the back 1x3, roughly the size of the base of your bottles
7. Paint wine holders and shelves the same color
8. Attach small scallops to front of shelves with screws
9. Attach wide scallops to back of shelves with screws
10. Insert shelves into cabinet
11. Add ¾ in. trim to front edges of cabinet to cover old hinges

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