Paige Hemmis has the perfect DIY for those looking to make their pet's leash stand out from the crowd.


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Cotton clothesline 7/32” thick
  • Brass swivel eye hook
  • Rit dye (choice of colors)
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Leather scraps (optional)

DIY Dog Leash - Home & Family

1. Measure with the cord and measuring tape the length you want to create your dog leash. Add an additional ½ of that length to your measurement. (eg: you measured 48”. Add 24”. Making it 72”.) Double this length and then cut to size. (You need the cord longer as it shortens as you braid it).

2. Repeat this step so you have two pieces of cord the same length.

3. Place your swivel eye hook at the top of your working space.

4. Pull one piece of cord through the hook and allow it to hang down on both sides evenly.

5. Lay the second piece of cord under the left and over the right side of the first piece of cord that it through your hook. (pre-tape will demonstrate this clearly).

6. You should now have four pieces of cord to work with.

7. Starting on the left, braid the cord over, under, then over to the right,

8. Repeat this step with the next most left piece of chord.

9. Pull the chord snug and continue these steps to braid all the way down. Always starting from the most outer left, moving over, under then over again.

10. Keep braiding until you have reached your desired length of your braided leash, plus a little extra to create the loop that will make your handle.

11. Make a loop with the end of your braid to create your handle. Glue the end into place to secure your loop.

12. Now it’s time to DIP DYE. We wanted to create an ombre effect with our leash so we have use various shades of RIT dye for this process but you could use just one color or no color at all. Follow the instructions on your RIT dye packet.

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