DIY Dickens' Lamp Post Lawn Decor

A DIY from Mark Steines and Matt Iseman


  • Finial
  • Deli container
  • Foam core
  • Electric candle
  • Craft wood
  • Shaker wood pegs
  • PVC pipe
  • Stake


1) Cut 4 panels from foam core to create lantern

2) Glue edges of panels together

3) Panel Sizes: ½” Borders, 1 ¾“ Windows, 4 ½” Wide x 10” Long


4) Glue our deli container on top of the craft wood.

5) Glue and screw PVC pipe cap to bottom of craft wood.

6) Center lantern cage and glue on craft wood.

7) Glue our finial to the top of the deli container…

8) Glue strips of foam core underneath top as cleats.

9) Drill shaker pegs on sides.

10) Put PVC pipe over wood stake

11) Add candle to lantern cage

12) Spray glitter paint on lamp post

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