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DIY Holiday Kid’s Table

Tanya Memme and Ken Wingard team up for a Thanksgiving DIY building a kid’s table. Ken points out that a big challenge during the holidays happens when kids want to sit at the grown-up table and a second table would take up too much room. Together, they create a small table with several activities to keep the kids occupied with creating their own dining station, while the adults can continue to get ready prepping.

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The Pioneer Woman - Home & Family

Ree Drummond Stops By

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond returns to talk to Mark and Cristina about her country life in Oklahoma. Ree went to school in Los Angeles and wasn’t expecting to fall in love back in her home state in Oklahoma and move back. After having four children, Ree started blogging about her ranch life. From there, she created an empire. After her interview she heads to the kitchen to prepare Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce.

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Dave Koz Performs!

Grammy-nominated saxophonist Dave Koz talks about his most memorable perfromance ever, which included sharing the stage with a Starlight Foundation patient, Austin Gatus. Today, Dave tells Mark and Cristina  that Austin is Leukemia-free and attending UCLA. Mark and Cristina surprise Dave by checking in on Austin via Skype, where Austin promises Dave to come on the show to perform the next time he is a guest. After the interview, David updates the holiday classic, “Let it Snow” for the audience.

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Christmas Lamp Post

Mark teams up with Matt Iseman to show you to make your own Dickens’ Christmas Lamp Post Lawn Decor. The more hands on deck to help, the better with this DIY, according to Mark. They also recommend using a electric candle for a safe decoration, instead of a real one.

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Just Jake

Author and motivational speaker Jake Marionette talks about how he got his start as a writer, and about being encouraged by his mother. Jake’s ideas for his stories are based on personal experiences, especially when it came to being bullied in school. Jake’s biggest message for kids is to not give bullies their power. He also encourages kids to find their passion and pursue it. Jake’s newest book is “Just Jake: Camp Wild Survival” which comes out in January.

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Morning Rituals with Folgers Coffee - Home & Family

Morning Rituals with Folgers

Mark and Cristina talk about their favorite morning rituals. Mark says he loves making his own breakfast pizzas with his sons, including rolling out their own dough. Meanwhile, Cristina is a huge Sunday brunch fan and loves inviting all of her family to enjoy the meal. When it comes to their breakfast rituals, they both admit they can’t get started without their Folgers’ coffee, especially the classic roast.

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Ask Kym

Kym Douglas is back to answer some of the questions from the staff of Home & Family.

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Preparing For Flu Season - Home & Family

Preparing for Flu Season

Dr. JJ sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the upcoming flu season and how you can protect your children from it. The doctor recommends that all children age six months and older should receive flu vaccines yearly. Flu vaccines for children can be given in form of shots or nasal spray. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to start working.

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