DIY Daily Celebration Board

Maria Provenzano is teaming up with Hallmark Cards for this DIY.


  • Frame
  • Decorative paper or Wrapping Paper
  • Glue
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Chalkboard Marker
  • Cardstock
  • Greeting Cards
DIY Celebration Board - Home & Family


1. Open up your frame, freeing the cardboard backing from the glass.
2. Wrap the front of the cardboard backing with your decorative paper, gluing it in place. 3. Version 1: If you’re using vinyl letters, position your celebration sentence at the top of your frame and adhere it to the glass. (“I love you because…” “Celebrate today because…” “I love the little things like…”).
4. Version 2: If you’re using a chalkboard marker, print out the phrase you want and tape it to the back of the glass to hold it in place. Then, use your chalkboard marker to trace over your sentence on the glass. Take off the trace paper when finished.
5. Put your frame back together.
6. Glue your clips around the glass, leaving enough space underneath to hang your sentiments and cards.
7. Add your cards and have a joyful day!

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