Maria Provenzano is making her own fun decorative coffee canisters.


  • Food Storage Containers/Tops
  • Wooden Scoops
  • Enamel Paint
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Masking Tape
DIY Coffee Canisters - Home & Family

Directions for Scoop

1. Tape off drill bit
2. Use drill bit to drill hole into lid and scoop
3. Take small dowel and hot glue that into hole of cannister

Directions for Paint

1. Clean the glass canister with rubbing alcohol to help the paint to adhere and take off any grease and grime to help enamel adhere
2. When adding vinyl letter, use a ruler to measure
3. Know the width of the letters you’re using, tape off the square and place the letters slowly.
4. Can readjust if need be
5. Using a stipple brush, dab on 3 coats of enamel paint
6. Dabbing on the paint keeps it from seeping under the letters
7. Before the paint fully dried, remove the vinyl letters
8. For the enamel paint to fully cure, you need to give it 21 days to air dry, but then it is fully top rack dishwasher safe and on for good!

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