Orly Shani has a perfect DIY for your next holiday party.
DIY Christmas Wine Charms
Home Decor
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  • Wine glass charm rings
  • Beads
  • Charms


  1. Open wine ring.
  2. Thread half of the person’s name through using letter beads.
  3. Half way between name add a Christmas charm.
  4. Finish threading the name through.
  5. Clasp in place.

TIP: A cute way to gift the wine charms is by cutting circles into holiday colored craft paper. Then, print out a cute message on card stock and cut a slightly smaller circle around the message. Glue the message to the craft paper and cut a hole at the top. Slip a ribbon through the hole and slide on wine charm and tie in a bow. Now you have an easy and adorable way to gift them!

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