Orly Shani is getting into the holiday spirit with this fun and colorful DIY.


  • Red, green, or gray socks
  • Foamcore
  • Fabric glue or hot glue (fabric glue suggested)
  • Green + silver pipe cleaners
  • Mini bows
  • Decorative embellishments of your choice
DIY Christmas Socks - Home & Family


1. Cut a piece of foamcore (should be around the length from your ankle to knee

2. Slide foamcore into sock

3. To make “wreath” twist green and silver pipe cleaners together, once twisted wrap into the shape of a wreath, secure with fabric glu

4. Glue mini bows to the top of the “wreath

5. Use fabric glue to glue on any other embellishments you please (you can look up classic “ugly Christmas sweaters” for inspiration!)

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