Maria Provenzano is making festive lampshades out of vintage Christmas fabric.


  • Lamp base
  • Lampshade
  • Vintage Christmas fabric or tea towel
  • Spray adhesive (look for one that says it works with fabric)
  • Ribbon and/or trim
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Mask
  • Spray paint (Optional)
  • Fabritac (Optional)
  • Hot glue (Optional)


1. (Optional) Spray the base of the lamp desired color and let dry completely

2. Cover the base of the lamp with something like newspaper or aluminum foil to protect it

from the spray adhesive

3. Measure the fabric according to the size of the lampshade

4. Cut the fabric to fit the lampshade using fabric scissors

5. Spray a small section of the lampshade with the spray adhesive and attach the fabric onto
the adhesive

6. Repeat until the entire lampshade is covered with fabric

7. Cover the cut pieces of the fabric on the top and bottom with desired trim/ribbon. Use
spray adhesive, fabritac, or hot glue to attach.

8. Add bulb and other light accessories

9. Secure lamp shade to base

10. Enjoy!

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