Ken Wingard has DIY to make your party pop!


  • Champagne bottles
  • Plastic ornaments in silver or gold and various textures & sizes
  • Wire hangers
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire snips
  • Pliers


1. Open your champagne bottle. Leave the foil at the opening ripped open to make the bottle look like it’s exploding!

2. Unravel your wire hanger and feed it into the bottle.

3. Begin gluing the ornaments around the wire and to each other. Smallest ornaments first, then start adding in medium and large ornaments.

Pro Tip: Make sure to apply the glue around the tops of the ornaments and glue the ornaments with the tops facing inward so only the round faces the outside.

4. Build the “bubbles” up around the tip of the hanger wire until it’s covered.

5. Add some glue to the wire at the opening of the bottle to secure your bubbles in place.

6. If desired, you can create a second bottle with a bubbly explosion that will lean on its side. To prop it up glue the cork underneath.

7. Glue together a pile of ornaments to make it look like your champagne is puddling on the table.

8. Arrange your centerpiece and enjoy!

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