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DIY Ceiling Ornament Wall

DIY Ceiling Ornament Wall

The Beekman 1802 owners have a stylish DIY for you.
  • Medallions of different sizes
  • Paint (for medallion and wall)
  • Tracing paper if they want to show this step
  • 3m command strips
  • Adhesive caulk

Step 1

Leave the medallions their flat white color or paint them the color of the wall underneath

Step 2

Experiment with different arrangements by using trace paper cutouts of the shapes and tape those to the wall.

Step 3

Remove the backing from a 3m command strip and apply it to the back of a medallion centered near the top. Then remove the other backing strip and press it firmly against the wall or use adhesive caulk.

Alternate: You can attach medallions using any picture hanging method and this same technique works with old picture frames  


Ceiling ornaments can be found online at: architecturaldepot.com and crownmoldings.net

For a “blind embossed” look, paint medallions the same color as the wall

For large areas, trace medallions with tracing paper and tape to wall to decide layout

3m command strips won’t damage the wall and you can remove them

Use adhesive caulk for a more permanent fixture; try loctite 2 in 1 seal & bond, loctiteproducts.com

Other simple picture hanging techniques will work depending how permanent you want them

Also try this technique with a variety of picture frames

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