“Casual” Interview

Actors Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey visit Home & Family to talk about their new series on Hulu, “Casual.” Since their characters are single on the show, Cristina asks the actors if they have any funny real life dating stories. Michaela talks about Google stalking a guy before going out with him and getting caught!

Chef Farhana Sahibzada - Home & Family

Chef Farhana Sahibzada

Chef and Author Farhana Sahibzada joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook one of her favorite dishes, Aloo Palak with Basmati Rice and Cucumber Raita, a recipe she has perfected over the last 40 years! She says the trick is to not have the stove at high heat to caramelize the onions, keep it at medium heat. Make sure you hit the Indian specialty stores to find your exotic spices to go with the dish.

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Kym Douglas’s New Favorites

Kym Douglas is back with some fun new items for the forgetful minds. These include bath mats with messages on them, sunglasses that you can wear on your wrist and door hangers for your items you tend to forget on your way out of the house like your phone, keys and to-do lists. She even shows you how to make your own grocery bag to keep your shopping lists on.

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Beekman Boys 1802 - Home & Family

Beekman Boys 1802

Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge formed the Beekman 1802 enterprise, turning a 19th century farm into a business by making their own soaps, furniture, cookbooks, bedding and mercantile. They got their big break when Anthropologie bought 22,000 of their soaps for their shops. They guys stay to make a Ceiling Ornament Wall.

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Olivia Holt Interview

Actress Olivia Holt talks about her show, “I Didn’t Do It” on Disney Channel. She shares some of her childhood and high school memories which happened before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dreams. Olivia also reveals how much she loves Halloween and brings a clip from her series that features an upcoming Halloween-themed episode.
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Ask the Moms

The mothers of Home & Family gather around to answer questions from Facebook viewers.

The MELT Method

Manual Therapist Sue Hitzmann talks about the MELT Method, which is designed to reduce chronic headaches and migraines. Mark and Cristina join Sue in some everyday exercises you can do to work your tissues to help rebalance your nervous system, which also improves your sleep, as well.

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Home Remedies for Babies - Home & Family

Home Remedies for Babies

Kristin Smith gives you some easy home remedies for babies, especially if they are dealing with gas and stomach pain. By taking a sock and filling with rice, heating it in the microwave and placing it on their stomach is soothing. When it comes to diaper rash, apply burnt flour on the needed area which will help absorb moisture.

Coffin Table for Halloween - Home & Family

Coffin Table

Daniel Kucan and Tanya Memme pair up to show you how to make your very own Coffin Table. The entire table will cost you around $50. Daniel shows you how to make the frame of the table, then Tanya takes over to show you how to add fun decorations to your coffin!

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Fashionable Compress Socks - Home & Family

Fashionable Compress Socks

Dr. JJ and Debbie Matenopoulos work together to show you the latest in compression socks. These socks are important to improve blood flow. Dr. JJ does warn you that if you suffer from swelling in the legs or blood clots it is important to check with your doctor before wearing compression socks.

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