Maria Provenzano is turning canvas fabric into positive messages using iron-on letters.


  • Canvas fabric
  • Dowel
  • Twine or thin ribbon
  • Iron
  • Iron on letters and/or designs
  • Permanent marker and/or fabric marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


1. Iron fabric
2. Cut canvas to the desired length; 18 by 13 is a good size
3. Measure about 5 inches from the bottom up on each side and mark it
4. Starting at the center of the bottom edge, draw a line from the center to the 5 inch mark on both sides; cut the canvas on both sides to create the “banner” look with the point at the bottom
5. Use the iron to fold each side of the banner over about ¼ inch so the edges are clean
6. Make sure to fold the corners to create a sharp fold
7. Use a glue gun to secure each side down; the back will have the folded sides; the top does not need to be folded ¼ inch
8. Flip over and create your design with iron-on letters, felt letters, puffy paint, permanent or fabric markers, etc.
9. Once the design is dry, flip the banner over and fold the top over the desired dowel and use hot glue to secure it down so the dowel is able to hold the banner
10. Attach ribbon to the sides of the dowel and hang

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