Paige Hemmis is getting inspired by the candy corn Halloween candy and making a series colorful DIYs.
DIY Candy Corn Crafts - Home & Family

Directions for Wine Bottles

1. Clean off any labels of the wine bottles by soaking them in the sink for a couple of
hours. Take a sponge or straight edge to make sure all of the residue is gone off of
the bottle.

2. Outside in a ventilated area, start with your white spray paint. Paint the neck of the
bottle, and continue down about half way.

3. You do not need to wait for the paint to dry.

4. Take the yellow spray paint and spray your bottle, starting at the bottom and
coming up to meet the white, about half way up the bottle.

5. Take the orange spray paint and spray the middle of the bottle. These colors are
supposed to look ombre, so don’t worry about making straight lines. Your bottle
should end up looking like a candy corn standing up.

6. Let dry completely before adding it to your décor in your home.

Directions for Topiaries

1. Take the Styrofoam balls and paint them with the yellow acrylic paint, brushed on. Set aside to dry.

2. Set the ball inside the vase/urn and gauge where you want it to sit. Use a bamboo skewer to prop it up inside.

3. Take each candy corn and place a small amount of hot glue on the base of the corn
and place it on the ball.

4. Continue this process until the entire ball above the urn is covered with candy

5. Set out and enjoy your candy corn décor!

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