Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

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Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Home & Family

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

Owner of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, Heidi Gibson is in the kitchen grilling up a delicious cheese sandwich with Hawaiian bread. Heidi also talks about what it has been like to have won more grilled cheese cooking competitions than anybody else in her field. The restaurant owner opens up about her business, which employs adults with learning and developmental disabilities.

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Monica Potter

Actress Monica Potter stops by Home & Family to talk about hew new series on CBS, “Wisdom of the Crowed,” which airs Sundays at 8/7c. She also takes the time to talk about parenthood and even gives Mark some advice he may not have heard before.

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DIY Terrarium Table - Home & Family

DIY Terrarium Table

Ken Wingard is teaming up with Shirley Bovshow and today they are showing you how to make your own DIY terrarium table using a planter, rocks, dirt, plants, pipes and a glass top.

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Sarah Lancaster

Actress Sarah Lancaster stops by to talk about her new movie, “The Stray,” which hits select theaters on October 6th. The film tells the story of a stray dog who saves an entire family. Sarah also opens up about her own love for rescue pets and shares the story of her cat Mable who lived 16 years and passed away shortly after the birth of her son. Sarah believes Mable held on just long enough to meet her son.

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Money-Saving Photography Tips

Avid photographer Mark Steines is giving you some money saving tips use when it comes to taking photos. For example, instead of buying expensive reflectors, use black or white cardboard to manipulate light.

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Mustard Spiced Salmon - Home & Family

Mustard Spiced Salmon with Charred Spicy Green Beans

Nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis is in the kitchen preparing a delicious dish that is packed with flavor and health benefits. Today, she is making mustard spiced salmon with charred spicy green beans. The recipe calls for mustard, which has cancer fighting compounds, chili powder, which boosts your metabolism and garlic, which helps support heart health.

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DIY Candy Corn Crafts - Home & Family

DIY Candy Corn Crafts

With Halloween right around the corner, Paige Hemmis getting inspired by candy corn. Today she is making a DIY candy corn bottle using wine bottles and spray paint. She is also putting together candy corn topiaries using styrofoam balls, candy corn, acrylic paint and a bamboo skewer.

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Maria Squerciati

Actress Maria Squerciati sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her NBC drama, “Chicago PD,” which you can catch Wednesdays at 10/9c. She even brings a clip the audience to enjoy.

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Must Haves for Worker Bees

Kym Douglas is introducing you to products that the busy bees in your life will love!

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Make your House Smell Like Fall

Shirley Bovshow is getting your house ready for the changing of the seasons by showing you how give it that fall scent.

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