Paige Hemmis shows you how to make a pillow with that rustic feel.


  • Fabric of your choice (size will depend on the size of your pillows)
  • Pillow forms from craft store
  • Fabric hem stitch tape (to use with hot iron)
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Twine

DIY Bow Pillows - Home & Family


1. Choose the size of pillow form you would like to use. This will determine how many yards of fabric that you will need to buy. I have bought several pillows and will be doing at least three to show different sizes.

2. Choose the fabric that you would like to use for your bow pillows.

3. Lay out the fabric and set your pillow form in the middle of your fabric.

4. Cut the fabric 12” all the way around your pillow.

5. Fold the sides like you would fold paper around a present, tucking the unfinished edge inside.

6. Fold the outer sides into triangles (again, like a present)
7. Take the two triangle sides and fold them over to meet in the middle.

8. Take a piece of twine around the pillow and tie it tight. Use a double knot when you find the exact amount of “scrunch” you want your pillows to have. Think of a bow and try to replicate the creases that a bow would naturally create.

9. You are done with the pillow portion and now it’s time to start making the sash for the center of the pillow.

10. Cut a strip of the same fabric from your pillow 8” wide, long-way along the fabric.

11. Fold one side over 1 1⁄2”

12. Apply your adhesive, iron on tape.

13. Take your hot iron (use the setting suggested on the tape that you buy), and iron the fold in place over the tape using manufacturer’s directions. Each manufacturer has slightly different instructions for the best adhesive.

14. Do the exact same thing on the other side of the sash fabric.

15. Iron the entire sash, making sure that the wrinkles are out and the adhesive has had plenty of time to set up.

16. Take your pillow and place it upside down on top of the sash.

17. Take your sash and tie it in the back of the pillow.

18. Voila! Enjoy your new bow pillow!

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