Ken Wingard has a perfect DIY to help you recycle your old books.


  • Books
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw (If cutting through cover)
  • Plant
  • Utility Knife (if only cutting through pages)
  • Tupperware (if plant does not have a pot)

DIY Book Planters - Home & Family


1. Trace the shape of your plant's container onto book.
2. Drill a hole so your jigsaw has a place to enter.
3. Use jigsaw to drill out outline of plant's container. Pop it out.
4. Cut plant's container to fit depth of book.
5. Place plant inside book.
6. Repeat process if making the stacked book design.
7. For open book design: Open book, trace shape of container, cut pages out 3 by 3, or however many you can do at a time to reach desired depth. Place the plant inside.

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