Paige Hemmis is showing you a creative way to recycle your old books for Christmas.


  • Books
  • 20 gage wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Big beads
  • Hot glue
DIY Book Angels - Home & Family


1. First prep your book by bending the spine to loosen it up. Then remove your book cover so you have just the spine

2. Start to fold your pages in. First fold the page down in half along the bind. Then again take the top right corner & pull it down & fold down along the bind. Now you’re going to have a little point hanging out from the bottom, so fold it up to give it a nice fold line, then fold it under the page. Basically, repeat that over again & again until you have a full body. The shape is going to start forming itself. (See pictures for a better visual)

3. Next, it’s time for your wings. Gather a bunch of pages (about 10-15) & rip them out of the book

4. Free hand the wings onto the pages. If you’re not comfortable with free hand you can just google image & use that as a trace. Hold all the pages together & then cut them all out at once

5. Put a little curl in the wings by skimming scissors against the paper like you would curling a ribbon

6. Hot glue the wings to the back of the body on the angel

7. Then taking your wire cut a piece for the neck & hot glue that into the head bead. Then put some glue in at the top of the body & push the neck in

8. Create a halo out of wire (use a pen to get a good circle shape) string pearls onto the wire if you wish for a nice little added touch. Hot glue into the top of the bead

9. Cut another piece of wire, like a half circle glue that onto the back of body, right above the wings, then attach beads at the ends for the hands

10. Go online & print out the lyrics of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing in book form. I just sized it down to all 3 sizes, cut it out & glue it within the hands!

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