DIY Bluetooth Vintage Radio

Mark Steines creates a bluetooth radio with a vintage look!


  • 1 20” X 28” piece of foam core
  • Flexible metal ruler
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Pencil
  • Glue Gun
  • Water
  • Paint brush
  • Tape
  • Sandpaper


1) Tape edges of lip before staining face
2) Apply lighter stain to ‘radio’ sides and face/ let dry
3) Tape edges of side and face
4) Apply darker stain to trim


1) Draw pattern on foam core. Radio front measurements: 13½ “ x 8”. Four side strips measurements: 14” x 4”

2) Use a bendable metal ruler to create curved side pieces

3) Measure speaker opening on radio face ¾” in from edge. Dimensions: 6¼” x 5½”

4) Cut out patterns, including speaker opening, with X-Acto knife

5) Coat two of the 4 foam core strips with water to help pieces bend; use tape to hold curve in place. Let dry for 30 minutes. Remove tape.

6) Measure 3/8” in from radio front and draw lines. This ‘lip’ is where panels will be glued in place

7) Using glue gun, glue 4 panels (2 13” top and bottom pieces and 2 curved side strips in place 3/8” in from edge

8) Trim off excess ends with X-Acto knife

9) Glue inside seams where foam core pieces come together

10) Sand corners where foam core pieces are attached

For the Speakers & Front Dials


Plastic lid of cottage cheese container (painted gold)

Burlap Swatch (7”x7”)

3 Waterbottle caps

3 Wood plugs (available at craft or hardware stores)

Radio settings sticker (print-out from H&F Pinterest Page)

Optional: Bamboo skewers painted gold

1) Apply station settings sticker to inside of painted cottage cheese container lid
2) Glue plastic lid to right side of radio face to create dial
3) Glue burlap swatch inside of ‘speaker’ opening
4) Glue painted wood plugs to painted bottle caps to create tuners and glue beneath radio dial

DIY Retro Styled Bluetooth Radio - Home & Family

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