Paige Hemmis and Kenneth Wingard are teaming up to to bring you a fun outdoor DIY to help spruce up your backyard.

Materials for the Windows, Doors and Shutters

  • old window/door/shutter
  • paint (2 colors that complement each other)
  • wax candles
  • eye hooks
  • chain
  • pliers

Materials for Garland

  • magnolia leaves
  • floral wire
  • bailing wire
  • fall embellishments (gourds, leaves, feathers, flowers)
  • ribbon
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Directions for Windows, Doors and Shutters

1. Get rid of the glass in the windows

2. Give the window a base coat of one color paint and allow to dry

3. Roll the wax candle over the base coat

4. Add a different color on top of the wax and allow to dry

5. Use a 60 grit sandpaper to give the frame a distressed look

6. Screw in eye hooks into the frame

7. Twist open the chain using pliers

8. Place it over the eye hook and close

9. Hang it in your backyard

Directions for Garland

1. Use magnolia leaves as the base of your garland

2. Attach fall embellishments like gourds, feathers, and sola flowers using floral wire

3. Top off with ribbon

4. Attach garland to window/door/shutters using bailing wire

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