Maria Provenzano is getting you ready for the change in seasons with these colorful DIY projects like copper foil glasses and cement pumpkins.

Materials for Copper Foil Glasses

  • Copper foil sheets with the recommended adhesive and sealer
  • Paintbrush; one dry, one for gluing
  • glasses

Materials for Cement Pumpkins

  • quick drying cement 
  • silicone pumpkin shaped molds
  • water 
  • copper wire 
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun
  • large popsicle stick, or something similar for stirring 


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    Directions for Glasses

    1) Clean the glasses and make sure they are completely dry

    2) Apply the adhesive with the paintbrush to where you would like the gold to be

    3) Allow the adhesive to dry slightly and becomes tacky to the touch

    4) Once you have the adhesive on you can carefully remove the sheet of copper foil from the package and apply it to the area you painted the adhesive on

    5) Do this until the entire area where the glue is applied is all covered

    6) If you have trouble getting the sheet of copper foil off the paper it comes on you can use a dry paint brush to brush it off and that will help; make sure your hands are clean and dry; it helps to have a damp towel near by along with a dry towel to keep hands clean if they touch the glue

    7) This copper foil is very fragile and will break, but don’t worry you can reuse the pieces that break off and that is what makes it look beautiful

    8) Use a dry paintbrush to gently press the copper onto the adhesive if you need assistance

    9) Once you have applied all of your copper let it dry for about 30-45 minutes

    10) Once it is dry brush off the excess copper with a dry paint brush

    11) Apply the sealer to the copper foil making sure you cover the entire thing, especially the edges, in a thin layer

    12) Allow to dry completely

    13) Once you need to wash this I recommend hand-washing it with gentle soap

    Directions for the Pumpkins

    1) Mix the cement with water until you achieve a pourable consistency

    2) Pour the cement into the pumpkin molds

    3) Tap on surface to remove bubbles

    4) Allow to dry completely

    5) Once dry, remove the cement pumpkin shapes from the molds

    6) Wrap the wire around a few times to about a 2 inch diameter circle

    7) Glue the wire onto the back of the pumpkin to create a napkin ring

    Tip: When pouring cement it is a good idea to wear gloves and a mask

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