DIY 3D Fondant for Floral Cake

A delicious addition to any cake.


  • Fondant in any color you choose. (You can buy pre-made fondant)
  • Ball tool
  • Fondant roller
  • Foam board
  • Circle cutters in various sizes
  • Rose flower cutters in various sizes
  • Paint pallet (available at craft stores)

Buy materials at any craft store


Before you begin, make sure you know which cutters you plan to use. For my flowers, I am making two sizes. The first will have three petals, the second will have two petals.

Roll out your fondant. Try to get your fondant super thin -- almost as thin as paper; this will give you a cleaner edge and more professional look.

Cut out your circles. When cutting out the circles, press down firmly and twist slightly. This will help cut off the fray around the edges and give you a cleaner look. Once all of your circles are cut, lay them out and grab your ball tool.



Roll out fondant
- Cut small, medium, large flowers and center out of fondant.
- Press rounded tool into flower petal to create flared shape.
- Gently curve petals upward and rest in egg cup until dry
- Once dry assemble flowers using corn syrup as glue
- Attach flowers to cake

DIY 3D Fondant Cake Flowers

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