Cristina Ferrare's DIY Bottle Tabletop Decor with Ornament Toppers

There are endless options to decorate and customize these bottles!


  • *Recycled glass bottles of any kind (wine bottles, glass water bottles, and perfume bottles are great options)
  • Corks/Tops that fit the bottles
  • Different ornaments for the tops and for the bottle (You can find these at craft stores and antique markets or use old earrings/rings/buttons etc.)
  • Super glue
  • Different stained glass sprays to decorate your bottles (If you want to change the color)
  • If you want to spray your bottle with mercury spray for a transparent/glittery look, check out our DIY from last season here:
  • Bracelets, twine, or other décor of your choosing for the neck of the bottle


  1. Once you have your decorated bottle, you can glue an ornament to the bottle with super glue.
  2. Adorn the neck of the bottle with bracelets, twine, beads, or other décor of your choice and secure in place.
  3. If you have a smaller cork, you can super glue the ornament directly onto the cork. Some tops might need a round disk (which you can buy at a craft store) super glued to the cork and then you can glue your ornament to the top of the disk.
  4. Once your ornament dries on the top, you can place the lid/cork into the bottle.

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